“Let’s talk, because we can.”

Prof. David Plant, Cornell University

Over 90% success rate.

Apart from Court Litigation, there are Alternative Dispute Resolutions (“ADR”) of Mediation, Arbitration, Counselling and Negotiation. And we can help.

Recent trends are more effective combination of those – MedArb or ArbMed where Mediation and Arbitration are combined by different sequences that suit individual case best.

How you can benefit.

Benefits of mediation (references made to Bond University)

  • With assistance of a neutral professional (“Mediator”), the parties can systematically isolate disputed issues in order to develop options, consider alternatives, and reach a consensual settlement that will serve their individual needs best.

  • Perfect chance to talk and air uncommunicated grievances. All it takes may be just a genuine apology in appropriate environment; and save millions of legal costs.

  • Feelings, interests and future relationship are emphasised without hostile opposition for “winning” in court. 

  • The parties own the settlement instead of forced to accept judgment by Court.

  • Private and all processes and information are kept confidential from public. This avoids embarrassment (especially for individuals) and loss of reputation (especially for commercial entity).

  • Unlimited variety of intervention available for amicable settlement.

  • Time and costs saving, rather than court litigation. 

Adding value.

  • Building favourable environment and intent.

  • Assisting direct communication.
  • Facilitating Negotiation.
  • Encouraging Option creation & Settlement.
  • Results don’t lie – our successful settlement rate for the past 17 years is more than 90%.

We Care & We Serve.

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